Tuesday: “On the Record”

In this clip that aired last year, Shari Mezrah, a “sleep schedule specialist” and author of “The Baby Sleeps Tonight: Your Infant Sleeping Through the Night by 9 Weeks (Yes, Really!)” talks with NBC Daytime. During the chat, Mezrah discusses more than just sleep (other topics include pacifiers, crying and breastfeeding) However, as is often the case, the video is advertised as being about sleep — because that’s really what all parents are most interested in. Mezrah claims that:

“What’s important to know is that the longer you wait to put your child on a [sleep] schedule, you will sometimes create patterns of conditioning. Those patterns are harder to break the older a child gets….”

I’m not advocating her method, I haven’t read her book, but she’s gotten some significant national air time, so her opinion is worth giving a listen to, even if you don’t decide to buy her book. Click here to view the full five minute clip for yourself.

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