Tuesday: “On the Record”

I don’t often read through the “Diagnosis” piece in the New York Times Magazine, but the one over this past weekend caught my attention because of this paragraph near the top:

“He’d been healthy his entire life. Then one day when he was 30, he got a strange headache and dense fatigue. Initially he wrote it off — after all, neither he nor his wife had been getting much sleep since their son was born five months earlier. But then the belly pain started. It was just below his navel — sharp, stabbing, constant.”

It’s a good reminder that sometimes, when you are suffering from baby-induced sleep deprivation, it is hard to separate the symptoms of a more serious ailment from the way your body feels when it is utterly exhausted (a not-insignificant ailment in and of itself). To read more about this man’s full diagnosis, which in the end wasn’t related to his a lack of sleep at the hands of his five-month-old, click here.



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