Tuesday: “On the Record”

I came across this article, “For grandparents, it’s a whole new baby culture,” a few weeks ago while searching for something completely unrelated, which I have now completely forgotten. The op-ed by Joanna Weiss, which was published last summer in The Boston Globe, focuses on the conflict parents and grandparents can experience when a baby creates a new branch on the family tree.

The writer sat in on a class called “Grandparents Today” while doing her reporting, a class that stemmed for the requests of new parents: “In the throes of stress and sleeplessness, [parents] needed someone to mediate relations in those stressful first few months.” Basically it’s like a crash course for grandparents on the “must-dos” in parenting circles these days.

But, as Weiss reminds us at the end of her article:

“….grandparents, less sleep-deprived, relieved of the duties of discipline and breadwinning, have the freedom to actually enjoy those infant days. In the class I witnessed, the prevailing mood among the grandparents-to-be — other than a healthy skepticism — was joy. I wished their grown children could have seen them in that room, cradling those plastic dolls with deep affection. They would have known that everything was going to be fine.”

Yet again, it all boils down to perspective. If only sleepy parents could have the perspective of their parents — then maybe being up all night would be a piece of cake.

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