There are lots of blogs on the Internet about children and sleep. Most of them are prescriptive, with mantras like: “Let that baby cry a little at bedtime!” “Pull the pacifier!” “Commando crawl from cribside to door!” “Sleep with your baby, and your baby will sleep with you!” When you’re reading advice on how to get your baby to sleep, it can feel like everyone has an opinion and no one is afraid to scream it at you. This blog was born out of a frustration for the lack of soft reading on baby sleep – the type of reading that isn’t going to send you into a spiraling frenzy as you sit hunched over your laptop at 2 a.m., searching for the solution to your baby’s insomnia. Here you’ll find a healthy combination of the practical and the comical, and somewhere in the middle, there is the hope that you’ll find some peace.

Here’s what you can expect to find on “Sleep Dreams”:

  • MONDAY: “Q&A”
    An interview with an experienced parent on the challenges of sleep. Sometimes this interviewee wears two hats: one as a parent and one as a expert (doctor, midwife, doula, sleep consultant).
  • TUESDAY: “On the Record”
    A quote pulled from a newspaper, magazine, website, or blog that relates to children and sleep, sometimes in an unexpected way (including a link to the full story).
  • WEDNESDAY: “Wordless”
    An image of a sleeping child with a caption says it all.
  • THURSDAY: “Essay”
    A piece of creative nonfiction related to children and sleep written by a parent.
  • FRIDAY: “Roundup”
    A list of links to other content on the Internet regarding sleep, like a helpful website, new book or study, quirky song, or blog post that speaks to parents who are tired.

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