Friday: “Roundup”

Today I’m going to let the article I chose for the “Roundup” do the rounding up for me:

10 Tips to Improve Sleep for New Moms: Sleep deprivation and motherhood don’t have to go hand-in-hand.

Somewhere in this list of ten suggestions from Denise Mann, a writer at WebMD, I hope you find the magical solution to all your sleep woes.

And have a great weekend!

Friday: “Roundup”

The blog Naps Happen, which was featured on The Huffington Post last week, gave me a real sense of how excellent Wordless Wednesday could be on Sleep Dreams. These photos are truly tremendous (child asleep in high chair with bottle still held to mouth), hilarious (child asleep in football helmet), and sometimes borderline unbelievable (child asleep draped over the arm of couch or child asleep in laundry basket). I can guarantee you’ll get a laugh out of scanning through these 75, and counting, images of sleeping children. Enjoy.

Friday: “Roundup”

When my kids were infants, they both suffered from acid reflux. In order to help keep them at a slight incline in the night, we used a wedge that fit between the mattress and the sheet. It’s hard to say if it actually did any good, but when your child is little and not sleeping well at night, it is easy to fall prey to any possible device that might offer a miniscule of help.

I was thinking about this when I came across some research on sleep positioners earlier this week, which are made to help hold a baby in one spot and prevent them from rolling onto their belly. Turns out, the FDA doesn’t think these contraptions are such a safe idea. Here are a couple articles on the topic:

::: “FDA: Sleep positioning devices are dangerous for babies” fromThe Washington Post:::

::: “Why I Hate Sleep Positioners” from Seattle Children’s Hospital :::

::: “CPSC and FDA Warn Against Using Infant Sleep Positioners Because of Suffocation Risk: Initial Communication” from the FDA Website :::

It’s a good reminder to educate yourself a little before you start accessorizing your baby’s crib with all the latest devices on the market.

Friday: “Roundup”

This week’s Roundup focuses on snoring and sleep, a topic I touched on in my Essay last week. A new study has linked sleep disorders and long-term behavioral problems in children. The link is something that many sleep specialists and pediatricians have been acknowledging for while, but this comprehensive research adds some additional evidence to the argument. Here are links to two articles on these latest findings:

::: Sleep Disorders Can Cause Behavioral Problems from the New York Times :::

::: Sleep-Disordered Breathing Tied to Risk for Behavioral, Emotional Problems from PsychCentral :::

Wishing you uninterrupted slumber this weekend!

Friday: “Roundup”

This video falls under the title “300,000 views! Controversial Sleeping Baby Photographs?” I’m not sure I’d classify the selected pictures by Tracy Raver, which are of sleeping babies posed in the style made popular by Anne Geddes, as controversial. I’m assuming people take issue with them because the babies are in unnatural positions, and sometimes in unconventional (unsafe?) places, like a wooden bowl or a hanging crocheted something or other. There is a disclaimer that reads “The babies are posed after they fall sleep.” It looks more to me like these are babies so young that all they do most of the time is sleep. Either way, some of them are pretty darn cute.