Tuesday: “On the Record”

I haven’t written anything yet about the connection between postpartum depression and sleep deprivation, but it’s something I’d like to delve into more in the months to come. This blog post, “Sleep, Motherhood And Postpartum Depression,” by Kim West, aka “The Sleep Lady” on the Huffington Post, is my first foray into this topic.

West’s post includes a number of lists, the last of which is titled “Postpartum Depression Action Plan,” and includes as its final point: “Sleep!” She writes:

“Getting at least five or six hours of uninterrupted nighttime sleep is essential to treat and potentially lower your risk of postpartum depression. This last tip — sleep — seems daunting when you have a newborn but even breastfeeding moms can do this” and then she proceeds to list four tips on how to make it happen. Please give this advice a read if you are struggling — believe me, so many women have been there, and you deserve all the help you can get.